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National Energy Foundation (NEF) was founded in 1976, and has nearly 40 years of experience in service to education. NEF is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit educational organization dedicated to the development, dissemination, and implementation of supplementary educational materials, programs, products and services. NEF resources for education relate primarily to energy, water, natural resources, science and math, technology, conservation and the environment. All products and services enrich and enhance teaching and learning to recognize the importance and contribution of natural resources to our economy, to national security, the environment and our quality of life.


NEF is devoted to the implementation of a variety of innovative educational opportunities including teacher training, student programs and adult employee training and programs. The education community, businesses, government agencies and associations have relied upon NEF expertise for over three decades to carry out effective educational partnerships.





National Energy Foundation will continue to expand its role as the premier provider of educational resources dealing with energy, natural resources, and the environment by expanding its products, training, and services, creating and implementing new and innovative educational resources, becoming extensively involved in the use of the Internet, and transforming printed educational materials to new mediums, thereby making it possible to significantly expand our impact throughout the nation.


NEF has been in business for over 35 years. Throughout those years NEF has assembled a vigorous team passionate about energy education. NEF has experienced and qualified individuals to deliver quality results.


Learn about our staff


National Energy Foundation is also fortunate to be guided by capable, willing, and concerned officers and directors. These volunteers offer their valuable services on a complementary basis to help achieve NEF’s mission.


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NEF Staff

NEF is comprised of a team that is passionate about energy and education. Curriculum writers, educators, marketers, communicators, accountants, students and many other talented individuals come together to provide comprehensive energy education tailored for any age.



Elissa Richards

Anne Lowe
Vice President, Operations

Gary Swan
Vice President, Development

Wayne Bonner
Vice President, Finance and Administration



(In Alphabetical Order)

Alex Barber
Information Systems

Makenna Blanch
Administrative Assistant

Jeana Bonner
Program Administrator
801-327-9500 ext. 121

Marilyn Clark
Program Director
801-327-9500 ext. 123

Liz Dent
Program Administrator

Kelly Flowers
Program Director
801-327-9500 ext. 118

Janet Hatch
Program Director

Cory Heslop
Graphic Designer

Megan Hirschi
Program Director
801-327-9500 ext. 132

Shannon Poulson
Information Systems

Camille Press
Communications Administrator

Robin Reinarts
Program Director
801-327-9500 ext. 117

Janet Salley
Michigan Office Manager
801-327-9500 ext. 144

Mac Scott
Marketing & Communications Manager

Laurie Sumsion
Operations Manager

Dino Szajner
Program Administrator

Emily Veylupek
Layout and Graphic Artist

Ian Wright
Materials Manager and Development Specialist

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National Energy Foundation is fortunate to be guided by a volunteer board of directors comprised of experts that reflect the spectrum of energy uses and issues from across the country.

Lori S. Traweek
NEF, Chairman Of The Board
Lori S. Traweek is currently American Gas Association senior vice president, operations and engineering, Lori Traweek is in her seventeenth year at AGA. Traweek’s previous experience includes work as an offshore and onshore engineer for Arco Oil and Gas Co. in Texas and Louisiana. She holds a B.S. degree in mechanical engineering from Purdue University and a B.S. degree in communications from Ithaca College. AGA’s operations and engineering management department supports members’ efforts to improve safety, reliability and cost-effectiveness.Lori also serves on the GTI Board and the Research Partnership for Securing Energy in America Board.Married, with two children, Lori received the American Public Gas Association Personal Service Award, was a 2004 Rader Energy’s Key Women in Energy-Americas Leadership honoree, received Purdue University’s 2005 Outstanding Mechanical Engineering Achievement Award and the 2006 National Association of State Fire Marshals Norman Y Mineta Excellence in Transportation Safety Award.

Elissa Richards
NEF President
National Energy Foundation

Gary Swan
Vice President, NEF
Board Secretary and Treasurer

Rich Kolodziej
Richard Kolodziej is the former president of the NGVAmerica (formerly the Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition) — a national organization dedicated to the development of a growing, sustainable and profitable market for vehicles powered by natural gas and biomethane.

Barry Worthington
Barry K. Worthington serves as the Executive Director of the United States Energy Association (USEA) where he directs the Association’s domestic and international activities. He has served in this capacity since September 1988. Previously, he served as a Vice President of the Thomas Alva Edison Foundation and prior to that served in several capacities with Houston Lighting & Power Company, now known as Center Point.

Thomas R. Kuhn
Thomas Kuhn is President of the Edison Electric Institute. Mr. Kuhn joined the Institute in 1985 as Executive Vice President, was named Chief Operating Officer in 1988, and elected President in 1990.

Don Santa
Donald F. Santa, Jr. is the President and CEO of the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America (INGAA). He served as majority counsel to the U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources from 1989-1993, where he worked on enactment of the Natural Gas Wellhead Decontrol Act of 1989 and the Energy Policy Act of 1992.  Mr. Santa was nominated in 1993 be a member of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, where he served until 1997.

Hal Quinn
Mr. Quinn was named president and CEO of the National Mining Association in September after having headed up the association’s legal and regulatory affairs department since the group was formed in 1995. He is a graduate of Denison University and the law school at Wake Forest University.

Lisa V. Wood
Lisa V. Wood is the Executive Director of the Institute for Electric Efficiency. Ms. Wood joined IEE after more than two decades of consulting experience with electric utilities on a range of retail issues. She has a Ph.D. in Public Policy and Management from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and an M.A. from the University of Pennsylvania.

Linda Rozett
Linda Rozett is the Vice President of Communications for American Petroleum Institute. Ms. Rozett joined API after several years running her own media consultancy firm. Previously, she has served as communications director for the Friends of Fred Thompson organization, and as senior vice president of communications for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Kraig Naasz
Kraig R. Naasz is the president and chief executive officer of the American Frozen Food Institute (AFFI). Prior to AFFI, Kraig led the National Mining Association, The Fertilizer Institute and the U.S. Apple Association.

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STEM-U Professional Development Workshop

This August, the Center for the School of the Future held the 2015 STEM U! “Innovating the Future of STEM” Summer Institute for K-12 teachers and administrators at Utah State University. National Energy Foundation (NEF) conducted a four-day professional development workshop with 15 …

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Continuous Presenter Development

The school year has begun and that means presenting season has also started for the fall!   Each semester National Energy Foundation (NEF) provides top-notch energy education programs to classrooms nationwide. Teams of energy educators conduct hour-long presentations, composed of STEM-based …

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High School Innovation and the Smart Meter Connection

There is now a whole new reason to love the THINK! ENERGY Innovation program. Innovation is a powerful energy efficiency program that combines award-winning curriculum, the option of in-class presentation and kits containing efficiency products that will take wise energy …

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Energy IQ Student Camp a Huge Success!

National Energy Foundation (NEF) conducted the Energy IQ Student Camp on June 29 and 30. Idaho jr. and high school students were provided with the hands-on training and educational materials to help them understand complex energy concepts. NEF is pleased …

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National Energy Foundation Joins NEUAC Board

National Energy Foundation (NEF) is pleased to announce its election to the Board of the National Energy and Utility Affordability Coalition (NEUAC). Gary Swan, Vice President – Development, will serve as NEF’s representative on the Board. NEF is committed to …

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NEF’s Powerful Presence at Conference

Collaborating with other industry experts is one of the most important ways National Energy Foundation (NEF) delivers fresh and effective energy management programs. This year, NEF is off to a great start recently hosting a trade booth at the Midwest …

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NEWS UPDATE is made possible through the support of associations, companies, government agencies, and educational institutions dedicated to improving energy education. For information about NEF or distribution of our newsletter, email your name, company and address to:


4516 South 700 East, Suite 100
Salt Lake City, UT 84107
EMAIL: INFO@NEF1.ORG • Phone: (800) 616.8326 • Fax (801) 908.5400 • WWW.NEF1.ORG

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Press Releases


News about NEF programs, partnerships, materials and other activities as reported through news releases.

National Energy Foundation Announces New Executive Team

AGA’s Lori Traweek to Serve as Board Chair


Energy Wise Awards


Awards presented to NEF in April


Citizens Energy Group Poster Contest


NEF Welcomes New Board Members


NEF Moves Its Headquarters


National Energy Foundation marks 10 years of Igniting Creative Energy (ICE) Challenge competition


Utah’s “Solar For Schools” Program Is Bringing New Light to Education


NYSERDA Offers Professional Development Workshops on Energy and Sustainability for K-12 Educators


New York Named a Leading State for Energy Efficiency by Center for American Progress


Awards given to employees for their efforts in the Think! Energy Utah Employee Partnership


EM Magazine Features Think! Energy (click for article)


Donald Santa Named National Energy Foundation Board Chair



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May 2006
Utah Governor’s Quality Growth Award


May 2006
American Coal Council Excellence Award


April 2006
Utah Board of Oil, Gas and Mining Earth Day Award


October 2003
IESTA (Idaho Earth Science Teachers Association) Outstanding Supporter of Earth Science Education Award, shared recognition of partnership efforts with the Idaho Mining Association (IMA)


May 2003
NERO Public Education Award, National Energy Resources Organization (NERO)


April 2003
Recognition and Appreciation for Support and Partnershipping, Davis County School District, Utah


September 2003
CAEE Award for Excellence, Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education


February 2002
Spirit of the Land Award for Excellence in Environmental Education Around the World, Salt Lake Olympic Committee


January 2002
Environmental Education Program of the Year Award, The Utah Society for Environmental Education (USEE)


January 2002
Achievement Award for the Unique Contribution of the Envision Your Future Project, The American Planning Association (APA) – Utah Chapter


January 2002
Energy Champion for Energy Education in Utah, The Association of Professional Energy Managers (APEM)

May 2001

Special Award for 25 Years of Service to Education, United States Energy Association (USEA)


May 2001
Annual Education Award, Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission (OIGCC)

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For The Press

NATIONAL ENERGY FOUNDATION is pleased to provide additional information about our activities to members of the press upon request.


For more information, call 801-327-9500 or email info@nef1.org to the attention of the appropriate member of our marketing department.


Mac Scott


Dari Scott


Michael Bonner

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National Energy Foundation offers a variety programs. Each of these customizable programs has their own unique goal but share the common mission of NEF. NEF prides itself on its ability to deliver quality programs for any partner uniquely tailored to meet their specific goals.



The National Energy Foundation (NEF) provides natural gas and electric utilities a comprehensive and results based energy efficiency program called THINK! ENERGY. Typically targeted at grades 2-8, this program gives students the knowledge and tools necessary to make a significant difference in electricity, natural gas and water usage in both their home and community.
Visit the THINK! ENERGY website


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Visit our store

Books and Guides
Books are available for different subjects and age levels. All written and edited by curriculum specialists with state learning standards in mind.

View books on our store
Energists – Getting to know…
These primers are the best way to get all the information necessary to teach a specific subject. Available for a variety of theme.

View energists on our store
Kits are great for getting involved and learning with your hands. Each of the kits includes items to do an experiment with an energy source.

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NEF has a variety of music and video items available.

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Posters are the most popular and recognizable product in the NEF catalog. These pieces are inexpensive and provide countless hours of quality education. Posters are also easily customized with company logos.

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NEF has become a national leader in forming “partnerships” in behalf of teachers, students, and the education community with a wide variety of businesses, associations, educational institutions, and government agencies.


Energy and natural resources directly impact our environment, our nation, and the world. It is important that the population, especially teachers and students, be educated about the social, economic, political, technological and scientific implications of energy, natural resources, and environmental choices.




Alaska Resource



More than 300 public and private electric and water utility companies and over 100 natural gas utility companies purchase NEF programs, materials, courses, and services.


NEF sponsors also include state energy offices, private businesses, public and private schools, school districts, universities and individual teachers. For a list of references, please contact NEF.


NEF has over 30 years of service to the education community and the organizations, businesses, government agencies, associations, schools, teachers and students we work with.


For more than three decades, NEF has developed a multitude of unique programs, materials, and services and is committed to continuing our steady development and improvement process.


We recognize much of our work is a process of learning-by-doing. This approach has helped NEF continually improve and progress. We are dedicated to striving for perfection and doing the best in all we do.


If you are interested in further collaboration or sponsorship of NEF programs or materials, please don’t hesitate in contacting a member of the NEF team.

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www.akresource.org/Alaska Resource Education, formerly AMEREF, is a partnership between the State of Alaska Department of Education and private industry. Alaska Resource Education’s mission is to educate students about Alaska’s natural resources.

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CEWD logo
Formed in March 2006, the Center for Energy Workforce Development (CEWD) is a non-profit consortium of electric natural gas and nuclear utilities and their associations – Edison Electric Institute, American Gas Association, Nuclear Energy Institute, and National Rural Electric Cooperative Association. CEWD was formed to help utilities work together to develop solutions to the coming workforce shortage in the utility industry. It is the first partnership between utilities, their associations, contractors and unions to focus on the need to build a skilled workforce pipeline that will meet future industry needs.


CEWD is teaming with secondary and post secondary educational institutions and the workforce system to create workable solutions to address the need for a qualified, diverse workforce. CEWD has established a partnership with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. The large contingent of the utility workforce that is represented by the union and the apprenticeship programs that train them are a critical element is the industry solution to workforce issues.

Get into energy


Get Into Energy and be a part of the industry that  powers your home, your community, and is the backbone of America. We all depend on energy from many different sources to run practically every aspect of our daily lives. So get ready for an exciting and rewarding career in energy!


Check out the Get Into Energy website, www.getintoenergy.com, where you can find career profiles, watch videos, take skills tests,.and learn more about careers in energy.

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Citizens_Energy_GroupFounded more than 100 years ago, Citizens Gas safely delivers natural gas to more than 266,000 residential and commercial customers in the Indianapolis area. Citizens Gas also operates natural gas storage and pipeline facilities in Central Indiana to ensure their customers have natural gas whenever they need it.

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ComEdCommonwealth Edison Company, perhaps better known as ComEd, is an energy delivery company unit of Chicago-based Exelon Corporation. Exelon is one of the nation’s largest electric utilities, with approximately 5.4 million customers. ComEd provides service to approximately 3.8 million customers across Northern Illinois, or 70 percent of the state’s population.

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consumers EnergyConsumers Energy is one of the nation’s largest combination utilities, providing electric and natural gas service to nearly 6.5 million of Michigan’s 10 million residents, in all 68 Lower Peninsula counties.

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DTE EnergyDTE Energy Co. is a diversified energy company involved in the development and management of energy-related businesses and services nationwide.

Their largest operating subsidiaries are Detroit Edison and MichCon. Together, these regulated utility companies provide electric and/or gas services to more than three million residential, business and industrial customers throughout Michigan.

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Duke EnergyDuke is one of the largest electric power companies in the United States, supplying and delivering energy to approximately 4 million U.S. customers. Duke has approximately 35,000 megawatts of electric generating capacity in the Carolinas and the Midwest, and natural gas distribution services in Ohio and Kentucky.

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EFFICIENCY-UNITEDEfficiency United consists of eighteen Michigan utility providers offering the following energy conservation and optimization services (in accordance with Michigan Public Act 295): Innovative energy efficiency programs, outstanding customer service (including two customer call center locations in Michigan), robust educational tools (including online residential energy audits), and retail and contractor partnerships.

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Georgia-PowerGeorgia Power is a utility that serves 2.35 million customers in all but four of Georgia’s 159 counties. The largest of four electric utilities that make up Southern Company, Georgia Power has been providing electricity to Georgia for more than a century.

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Gulf-PowerGulf Power is a utility that serves 428,154 customers in 71 towns and communities throughout Northwest Florida. Gulf Power’s service territory spans the area from the Alabama border on the west to the Apalachicola River on the east; from the Alabama border on the north to the Gulf of Mexico on the south.

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Idaho Mining AssociationThe Idaho Mining Association (IMA) was set up in 1903 to support the interests of the state’s mining and mineral production industry. IMA is actively involved on environmental, land reclamation, water quality, transportation and tax issues. Today, the association has more than 50 members who work to keep mining a strong and responsible industry throughout Idaho.

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Indiana Power and LightIPL provides retail electric service to more than 470,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers in Indianapolis and other central Indiana communities.

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Johnson_ControlsJohnson Controls is a global diversified technology and industrial leader serving customers in more than 150 countries.

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Murray PowerMurray City Power is a publicly owned, municipal electric utility serving 16,500 customers. The utility was created in 1913 when the community sought affordable—and more reliable—electricity, along with local control over a vital service.

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OED IndianaThe Indiana Office of Energy & Defense Development (OED) was established to shepherd the state’s energy plan. Realizing that sound energy policy has a significant impact on economic development, OED guides efforts to find homegrown energy solutions for our nation’s armed forces, as well as assisting and promoting economic development in Indiana in the defense and energy industries.

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Pennsylvania Power and LightEmploys more than 2,100 employes and delivers electricity to 1.4 million customers in 29 Pennsylvania counties. PPL Electric has 39,790 miles of transmission and distribution lines, one million poles and towers and maintains nearly 50,000 miles of power lines, or enough to circle the globe twice.

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ROCKY-MOUNTAIN-POWERRocky Mountain Power is a leading electric utility in the western United States. One of the lowest-cost electricity producers in the U.S., Rocky Mountain Power provides one million customers in Utah, Wyoming and Idaho with safe, reliable, efficient energy. In addition, it is the number two utility owner of renewable, wind-generated electricity in the U.S.

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Southwest-GasSouthwest Gas Corporation is principally engaged in the business of purchasing, distributing and transporting natural gas to residential, commercial and industrial customers in the southwestern United States.

Southwest has approximately 2,300 employees who serve more than 1.8 million customers in Arizona, Nevada and portions of California.

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UGIUGI Utilities, Inc. is a natural gas and electric utility committed to delivering reliable, safe and affordable energy to their 630,000 customers in 45 counties in Pennsylvania and 1 county in Maryland.

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UMPAUtah Municipal Power Agency (UMPA) is a consumer owned corporation, established in 1980 with a mission to: “develop a reliable and economic power supply program to meet all the required electric power and energy needs of its member municipalities”. UMPA’s members consist of the Utah municipalities of: Levan, Manti, Nephi, Provo, Salem and Spanish Fork.

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UMAThe Utah Mining Association (UMA), established in 1915, helps to promote and protect the mining industry. UMA provides its members with full-time professional industry representation before the State Legislature; various government regulatory agencies on the federal, state and local levels; other associations, and business and industry groups.

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The Office of Energy Development provides direct support and access to federal funding for energy efficiency, energy conservation and renewable energy programs and projects in the State of Utah.

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VectrenVectren Corporation is an energy holding company headquartered in Evansville, Ind. Vectren’s wholly owned subsidiary, Vectren Utility Holdings, Inc., serves as the intermediate holding company for three operating utilities: Vectren Energy Delivery of Indiana – North (Vectren North), Vectren Energy Delivery of Indiana – South (Vectren South) and Vectren Energy Delivery of Ohio (VEDO).

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With support from many of the nation’s natural gas utilities, the NEF Academy for Natural Gas Education provides free instructional materials to teachers. These materials are related to natural gas safety, energy sources, energy conservation, transportation and other topics.


Current Sponsors:


Arakansas Oklahoma Gas
Atmos Energy
CenterPoint Energy
Columbia Gas of Ohio
Columbus Gas of Kentucky
Ohio Gas Company
Southwest Gas
Columbia Gas of Virginia


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